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Refund & Exchange Policy


-All products sold are non-refundable & non-exchangeable. 

- 运输过程所造成的任何损坏或丢失一律不负责, 不过我们会向快递公司索赔。

因此, 收到货物之后, 拍下拆包过程视频(从拆包裹外层塑料袋开始), 做为向快递公司索赔的证据。

Herbtags are not responsible for any damage or loss caused during transportation, but we will file a claim with the courier company.

Therefore, after receiving the goods, take a video of the unpacking process (starting from unwrapping the courier plastic bag) as evidence for compensation from the courier company.

- 只有符合以下情况才允许退款: > 罐子破裂 / 罐子已被拆装 (一定要附上视频,从拆包裹外层塑料袋开始) > 无意之下重复下单 > 付款过程出现故障

- Refunds are only allowed under the following circumstances:

> Jar is broken / Jar has been disassembled (ENSURE to attach a video, starting from unwrapping the courier plastic bag)

> Placing duplicate orders unintentionally 

> Error during payment process

- 退款将以银行转账方式进行。

- Refund will be made via bank transfer.